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 SAMOA . Air Operated Pumps
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WASTE OIL SUCTION - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่



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High vacuum automatic unit for use in centralized waste oil suction systems in vehicle maintenance

centres. The unit is easy to install and does not require any special in the field adjustments, it only
requires to be connected to a compressed air supply and to a 230 V / 50 Hz power supply, to a pipe
line to discharge to the waste oil storage tank and to a vacuum pipeline to the workshop suction

The unit includes
• Electric rotary vane vacuum pump, which achieves up to 95% vacuum. Due to the pumps high
efficiency, it is possible to simultaneously use several suction points. Vacuum is distributed though
the workshop by a pipeline.
• Vacuum tank, which is automatically pressurized for discharge to a waste oil storage tank when
full. Once it has been discharged, the unit automatically generates the optimal vacuum conditions
• An electronic board, which controls the automatic operation of the unit.
• A high level sensor in the tank, which sends the signal to the board for the automatic discharge of
the unit that continues until a low level sensor, also inside the tank, is activated to send the signal
to regenerate the vacuum in the system.
• The system also includes a vacuum switch that stops the pump once the optimal vacuum has
been created and automatically starts the vacuum pump again if it is required to build vacuum in
the system. This way the vacuum pump only runs on demand and energy is saved.
• The system has the possibility of accepting a signal from a remote level sensor in the waste oil
storage tank to avoid over filling it.
Product advantages
• Fully automatic operation.
• Direct from the engine to the storage tank.
• No personal contact with the waste oil.
• No need for mobile equipment.
• Suction canes with quick connectors.
• Fixed installation with hose reels.
• No splashes or spills of waste oil onto the workshop floor.
• No leaking drain plugs.


Model 393 100 is recommended for small and medium workshops and allows simultaneous operation of up to 3 suction points.
Model 393 101 is recommended for large workshops and for use with commercial vehicles and allows simultaneous operation of up to 6 suction points.


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